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Colors of Fall | Modern Seasonal Decor

Seasonal decorating floral leaf arrangement Design is taking a bold turn with color, thanks to designers who stay on the cutting edge of style and decorating. And for those of us who spend all year planning our seasonal décor, this is for you. 

We’re taking a step outside for inspiration, rather than going to the closest Home Goods for the usual plaid tablecloths and cinnamon candles.


Right now is the perfect time to head outdoors and see what changes are coming our way. With freshly fallen leaves and fragrant pine cones, your own back yard is the place to go for inspiration. Watch your home’s seasonal decor  become Pinterest-worthy with these simple tips.


The beauty of using nature to decorate for fall is how it softens modern design trends that use vibrant colors. Many of us have hopped on the Modern Gray bandwagon, which lends itself well to fall decor. You can use trending brightly colored accents, while maintaining a cozy, modern home. A couple of easy DIY examples are leafy garlands and wreaths of oat and straw. These are natural bounties of color and the dimensional texture is just perfect. Which leads us to the next tip for freshening up your seasonal décor— texture.


Velvet and tweed complement each other while remaining clearly unique in color and texture.

Soften the blow of those bold colors with rich, bulky texture. Natural fibers, like wool and cotton, create beautiful textural patterns when knit or woven in fabrics. A simple tweed enhances the feel and look of cotton, and it plays well with other textures and colors.

Thick, full texture is inviting and cozy, which is perfect for this time of the year. Add a couple earth-toned throw pillows to your usual décor for a simple autumn look. 


Complete your décor this season with naturally comforting scents and create an authentic autumn atmosphere. It seems that pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon are universally known as the scents of fall. However, we’re going to explore aromas that are less common but will still fill your home with an autumn mood.

 Stand out from the rest and try setting a simmering pot of water and spices on your stove for a few hours. You’ll love the bold warming scents filling the air in no time. As timeless as cinnamon is for autumn, pair it with a hint of lavender for a fresher, lighter perfume. Or try this perfect complement for Thanksgiving dinner- orange and apple peels, cloves and cinnamon. Impress your guests with these simmered aromas for a modern autumn home. 


It’s only fitting that we give you a do-it-yourself project that can help you start (or finish) decorating for fall. In this quick hand-knit tutorial, you’ll learn how to get a chunky textured throw blanket and save a few bucks (these beauties can go for at least $100 in stores and online.) Even those who have no experience knitting can whip one of these together in an afternoon! Great for cozying up by the fire or kicking back for the World Series, this blanket is sure to be a big hit in every home this fall. 



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