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3 Rooms to Use Wall-to-Wall Carpeting (And Where to Avoid It)

I know, I know… SO many of us have been ripping up wall-to-wall carpeting and replacing it with wood, vinyl, or laminate. Maybe it’s seen better days, or it’s simply not your style anymore. Whatever the reason, carpet must go. Or does it?

While you may love the easy cleaning and durable finish of hardwood (and alike), nothing replaces the soft warmth of a plush carpet. I mean, who actually enjoys touching the cold hard floor first thing in the morning? Not me! Wall-to-wall carpeting isn’t actually as passé as it seems, but keep in mind, it might not be 100% suitable for your home and lifestyle.

3 Best Rooms for Wall-to-Wall Carpet


Our favorite place to see wall-to-wall carpeting is in a bedroom. Benefits:

  • Soft and easy underfoot
  • Extra sound absorption (for a quieter night’s sleep)
  • Naturally cozy
  • Adds textural definition to the design

Not everyone will agree but you can even layer area rugs over your carpeting for more depth and personalization. Take notes from Angela Rose Home’s gorgeous master suite!

Kid’s Playrooms

Playrooms or toy rooms are also excellent candidates for carpeting. Kids can enjoy hanging out on the floor and you don’t have to worry about little feet slipping on a hard surface. We love Shaw Floors’ tight looped Pure Waters berber carpet in rooms that have regular wear because it cleans well and won’t mat easily, especially with a top-notch pad underneath. Our Waters is still incredibly soft and comfortable with Shaw’s premium pad that we install under all carpeting- that’s why it’s the only one we use!

Shaw floors wall-to-wall carpeting Pure Waters
Shaw Floors
Pure Waters in Tweed

Living Rooms

When it comes to main living areas, it has been quite common to place carpeting in family rooms, hallways, sitting rooms, and offices. The minor flaw with this is because these areas receive so much traffic, you’ll sooner see the carpeting wear. Living or family rooms are the only spaces that could withstand the high-traffic as you spend most of your time sitting in these rooms. They add a layer of softness, warmth, and sound absorption, which benefits the rest of the home when that one family member has the TV volume on full blast…

For other main living areas like hallways and offices, a fool-proof solution for worn out carpeting is area rugs. Instead of a permanent soft covering, opt for a hard surfaced floor and place a movable, replaceable (and possibly machine-washable!) area rug where you’d like a little cushion.

Kaleen area rug runner
The Mystic Collection in Red

Where to Avoid Carpeting in Your Home

As mentioned above, you’ll want to limit your use of wall-to-wall carpet to bedrooms, playrooms, and sitting or family rooms. An additional (slightly obvious) space you ought to stick to hard flooring in is the kitchen. Small mats in front of your sink and or stove are fine, especially if you spend a lot of time in there. Food and water messes happen in kitchens quite often. Don’t make your job harder by adding a stain-magnet of a carpet in there!

Lastly, try to keep wall-to-wall carpeting out of your bathrooms. That’s right, there was a trend not too long ago in which many people installed carpet in their bathrooms. Yikes, right? We’re still trying to forget that.

(Just in case you don’t know what we’re talking about…)

Dated bathroom with pink wall-to-wall carpeting

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  1. Nice post, Veronica,

    I like the examples that you have shown to explain where to use carpeting. I concur with your observation when it comes to high traffic areas and using carpet to help as a sound deadener- makes sense. I love my flooring in the living room!

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