Modern Holiday Decor Round-up

This holiday season, preparing your home doesn’t have to be a daunting task. These on-trend holiday decorations are beautiful, festive and, best of all, easy to attain. There’s nothing new under the sun, but who says you can’t combine elements of past holidays to create modern decor?

Modern holiday decor collage
2019 winter mood

[1] This Cinnamon and Citrus wreath is just what the holidays need this year— bright, punchy sliced orange with classic cinnamon.

[2] Styling your garland lopsided gives a more casual feel to this traditional mantlepiece decor. Learn how at Francois et Moi.

[3] Au naturale has been a growing theme in decor, not excluding the holidays. Here’s a simple DIY made for Christmas that can easily transition throughout the year.

[4] A stripped-back, minimalist mantle is certain to “wow” your guests with little effort from you. 😉 candlesticks | pine garland | DIY dried orange garland

[5] Three words: bottle brush trees. All the craze this holiday season. You can get them here, here and here.

[6] Mix in a floral centerpiece to your evergreen garlands this year to maintain a more neutral approach to holiday decorating. Anemones are a great choice, as well as these other winter flowers + greens.

[7] Silver dollar eucalyptus worked into a traditional evergreen garland makes the holiday decor fun and textural.

[8] While red and green will always be tried-and-true holiday colors, neutral Scandinavian ornaments and accessories have worked their way into the holidays. To get the full effect, a flocked Christmas tree is the perfect backdrop.

[9] Make your holidays monochromatic with wood tones and other natural materials. These wooden decorative trees will make a beautiful winter-scape on any mantel or windowsill.

[10] Add more texture to your hearth with these cable knit Christmas stockings.

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