Cellular shades with decorative panels in living room
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Cellular Shades | Window Treatments 101

We’re getting to know cellular shades as one of the most versatile and popular window coverings in design. Hence this month’s installment of Window Treatments 101. Last time, we learned the ins and outs of venetian blinds, a timeless classic. And honestly, we feel that cell shades will be the new venetian blinds. There are so many advantages to putting cellular shades in your home, most importantly being their incredible energy efficiency. Easy to use, customizable, and attractive are just some other great features of this modern classic.


  • Simple + elegant
  • Great light control
  • Energy efficient
  • User-friendly
  • Universal decor style / easy to embellish
  • Good privacy control
  • Custom measured
  • Many color, pleat, and function options
  • Cordless lift availability


  • Limited to Open or Closed (no in-between, as with venetian blinds)
  • Can be pricey
  • May require professional ultrasonic cleaning, if stained

As you can see, there are twice as many reasons TO get cellular shades than there are NOT to get them. The main one we like to focus on is customization. Not only can you get cellular shades custom-fitted to your windows, but you can choose whichever color best matches your trim or decor style. You also control the pleat size and how your shade works.

Energy Efficiency

energy star logo

In today’s ever-evolving design and construction industry, energy efficiency is more important than ever. LEED and Energy Star Certifications are huge when building new homes or updating old ones. Cellular shades add a lot more value to your home than just aesthetic appeal.

[Cellular shades] reduce heat transfer by 22% during the winter and 56% during the summer. 


Long story short, cellular shades will help keep your home cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and reduce harmful UV rays from damaging floors, furniture and artwork.

Features of Cellular Shades


We know that customization is key when decorating your home to your taste. Cellular shades provide that with a wide selection of materials and colors, pleat size and functionality.

crystal pleat shades color options
You can see with just these 9 samples of Graber Crystal Pleat shades the variety offered for these window treatments.


perfect vue split cellular / pleated shades
Perfect Vue cellular / pleated shades by Graber.

While choosing the color is the main priority, you will also want to focus on how your shades work. Gone are the days of long, tangled, messy strings that rarely actually open your shades perfectly level. Fortunately, the cordless lift comes standard with almost every cellular shade. That means you don’t have to trade quality for ease or safety. Without cords, you no longer have to worry about kids or pets getting into something they shouldn’t!

Bonus: the cordless lift system is effortlessly smooth and quiet when adjusting.

Another feature we want to mention is split-view shades. This type of cellular shade is perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms or anywhere else you want to maintain privacy but let natural light filter in. You decide exactly where you want the privacy to start and light to end. It’s the best of both worlds.


Pleat size has a large affect on a room as a whole. Ranging from 3/8” to 1” in size, it is important to know how big or small the pleat should be. A good rule of thumb is to use a smaller pleat on a smaller window. A 3/8″ pleat would appear too busy and overwhelming on a large bay window, but a little kitchen window is the perfect place for it.

Above, we have two pictures of single cell shades, one with 3/4″ pleats and one with 3/8″ pleats. The design styles clearly differ from one to the next, but the shades play a big role in that. With the smaller pleat, the space feels more structured and formal. On the other hand, the larger pleat creates a casual elegance.

View all colors and styles here, then select “Cellular Shades”.

The Right Cellular Shades for You

We truly feel that cellular shades are a good fit in any home. Based on the available options we talked about above and their excellent energy rating, this window treatment is the apex of all window treatments.

Dressing up cellular shade with other window treatments allows you to alter its overall impact in the room. That being said, if you have a traditional American home, a set of decorative panels and perhaps a structured valance atop your shades will minimize their less-traditional effect. Yet in a modern, minimalist home, letting cellular shades shine on their own brings just enough dimension to the space while maintaining a clean and simple look.

The additional customization you can bring to cellular shades makes them as universally popular as they are.

Let us help you find the perfect cellular shade for your home with a free measure and estimate! We will review all color, function, and style options and ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

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