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Staying Organized in Style | 3 Spaces to Functionally Design

Let’s be real…

Our homes aren’t always as picture-perfect and organized as we hope them to be. Whatever your schedule entails, it is far too easy to feel that you just don’t have the time to keep everything in its place. But that doesn’t have to be the reason why you can’t have a beautiful home 24/7.

The transition can be slow and intentional by just adding certain aspects to your primary spaces. Think about where you visit at least once a day— your kitchen, your bathroom, and your living room. Here’s how you can make a few small changes in your decor that will give you an overall more organized feel in all of these spaces.

Where to be organized

In the Entryway

There is at least one spot in every home that has, what I call the “Drop Zone.” It’s where the car keys, purses, mail, etc. go once we walk in the door… And almost always remain until we need them again. This habit is easy to fall into and once in it, you almost stop noticing how much space you’re using up.

One way to maximize your space and organize your day-to-day belongings is giving yourself a small surface to collect everything. A thin table or bench is the perfectly homey addition to any entryway. Organized Mudroom “Drop Zone”Along with flat surfaces, filling up wall space can make a world of a difference when being organized.

Is there any better solution for misplaced bills and letters than an Incoming / Outgoing mail slot?  As seen in the picture above, you can also add a few hooks underneath. (Never lose your keys again by hanging them up when you walk in the door!) Lastly, complete the look with a calendar to keep your busy schedule as organized as possible.

Want to make this happen in your home? Our Pinterest board has even more designs for you to try!

In the Living Room

I can’t be the only one that pictures those stackable plastic totes every time I hear the term “storage solutions.” And you probably don’t want one of those on display in your living room, right? Certainly plastic totes have their merits, but a living room calls for more than they can offer.  

Organized Living Room

Utilize space you already have, for example shelves of a bookcase or built-in unit. Cache your extra pillows and out-of-season blankets in wicker or wire baskets on the bottom shelves. By storing unused soft furnishings, you create a fresher, cleaner space.

In the bathroom

Organized Bathroom Design

What is truly amazing about a well-designed bathroom is you can use your every day items as your decor! The right arrangement with a few added extras can make your hairspray and toilet paper stacks look like they were meant to be showcased. Looking at the picture to the left, you can see an even balance of useful and ornamental pieces on the open shelving. Transparent storage items like glass jars add dimension to the shelves and display your everyday items. Similarly, a shallow tray can aesthetically organize your bottled products into a work of art. 

Diy details

Ready to get organizing? This easy and inexpensive pin board is a great project to begin cleaning things up. Not only can you use materials you already have, but it’s so adaptable to all kinds of styles. 

Organized pin board command center

Learn how to make one of your own here!

Remember the DIY in the post from June? An old picture frame for this project is the ideal candidate to try out Chalkworthy Chalk Paint! And after a quick trip to Target or your local craft store, you can have this beauty up and functional in just an afternoon. 

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